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The Carnal Leap Cabaret

Carnel Leap Video Screenshot
During the summer of 1990, inspired by a Surrealist drawing show at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts (then called the Arkansas Arts Center), I developed a Friday after-work café and theater venue called the Carnal Leap Cabaret (named after a Futurist cocktail the ingredients I have long forgotten).


What a difference a week in the studio makes
burnt-field banner
After two years struggling in an artistic pit, I have once more connected with my core and have found a theme.


Unfolding the Visual Narrative
L-R: Bailin: Lake, 2016 • New House, 2016 • Raking Leaves, 2016
L-R: Bailin: Lake, 2016 • New House, 2016 • Raking Leaves, 2016
This show features the work of ten Koplin Del Rio artists and completes the series of three IDENTITY exhibitions introducing the gallery’s artists to a Seattle audience. Curator Eleana Del Rio grouped these artists together because they share a common interest in pictorial narrative. They all invite the viewer to interact with the imagery and engage with the work in a manner that allows two narratives—both the artist’s and the viewer’s—to play out over time.

The Art Tools of David Bailin

Selection from Interview
picking up Charcoal
In February 2016, I was interviewed on the Parka Blogs by a columnist named Judy. The questions brought out some interesting specifics about my process I have talked about but never put into writing. I’ve picked out two highlights from the interview.
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