LA Weekly

Art Picks of the Week

Dec 27–Jan 2, 2003

Peter Frank

David Bailin's drawings are more traditional […], but they have their performative aspects as well. Indeed, they depict people in landscapes engaged in activities incongruous with the surroundings. (Thank of William Kentridge, althoughBailin had been doing such work for quite some time before he came across Kentridge's work earlier this year.) Many of these tasks are literally heavy lifting, of the kinds of things furniture, bails of newspapers that don't really belong out in the marsh or corn field. Other times, however, Bailin's anonymous but expressive figures interact directly with the elements, often at some peril to themselves. For alltheir mystery and even ominous surreality, there is an antic spirit to these drawings. In fact, in more than a few of his rough-hewn but detail charcoals Bailin sets up man (and woman) as the fall guy for nature's own slapstick brand of humor.

1: Sacrifice • 2004 • Charcoal on Paper
Frank's exhibition review of Bailin 2002 drawings
Sacrifice drawing image