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Announcing Bailin Studio Gallery

February 18, 2023

🎉 Announcement

Bailin Studio Gallery is a new galley storefront for my artwork. Here, visitors can look over my work and catalogs for sale and purchase items with PayPal or credit card payments. While Bailin Studio will remain a complete record of my new and older work, resume, reviews, articles and updated news, the gallery store has been removed (did any visitors realize I had work for sale there?) and placed on the new site. Doing this gives a focus to both sites. And Bailin Studio and Bailin Gallery are interconnected so that if you are interested in purchasing or finding out more information about a drawing or the studio in general, you can switch easily between them.

Please visit the Gallery and check it out. If you find anything amiss, please let me know.


In The Studio

I began a series of sketches with figures struggling in water and thought enough about the images to transfer them to large paper. The beginning is always filled with trepidation and excitement.

I can't help responding to the activity of drawing. I love the blowback. Since I no longer think about how to draw something I can respond to how the drawing is developing and allow flashes of correspondences to come into my mind. I may start out alone but, in the end, a successful drawing brings a party of other artists suggesting strategies, techniques, references. In this case, the struggling men reminded me of Goya's Witches' Flight painting.

This connection led me to consider working on canvas and so I started a series of tests with different types of grounds to find a surface that would lend itself to both drawing and oil.

And while treating small canvas with various kinds of gesso and gels, I recalled my BFA paintings painted in 1976 and my more recent *Erasing Series*. I was then ambushed by Larry Rivers who arrived to put in his 2¢ worth.
Bailin, White Painting, 1976
Bailin, First Meeting (1976)
Bailin, Passover, 2017
Bailin, Passover (2017)
The Accident' (1957), Private Collection
Larry Rivers, The Accident (1957)
It’s funny how things come into your brain while pushing charcoal around. And this is where I stand today, working through the start of a new series tentatively called *Lorem Ipsum*