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Basic Drawing

Complete course in developing drawing skills: materials, line, form building, composition, concept to contstruction. Included in this section is the syllabus, in and out of class assignments with rubrics and exams at each stage of development.

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Figure Drawing

The figure drawing section builds upon the basic course and includes in-class work with live models as well as a rigorous out-of-class anatomy assignments. Exams with rubrics are provided and required at each stage of development. Syllabus and materials list as well as special video and written resources are included.

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Drawing Foundation

Want to improve your drawing skills? You need to know the five foundatmental doodles, how to use thumbnails and translate those thumbnails into a final drawing, as well as have a solid method or approach to starting and finishing a drawing. This article will give you all the details.

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Drawing Resources

A knowledge base with information on composition, materials, and techniques.

Basic Drawing Resources

Figure Drawing Resources

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